2019-02-22 Source: askcoin
Now, Askoin is listed on Bisq (Decentralized Exchange)! You can buy or sell ASK coins on Bisq exchange.
Refer to the latest version of bisq (0.9.4):
We promise that we will gradually donate ASK coins in our hands until the number of ASK coins we hold as a percentage of total supply is reduced to 10 percent or less.

Today, we decide to take the first step of our commitment: donate 50 billion ASK coins to the system's reserve fund account (all miners'mining rewards come from the reserve fund account). In askcoin, if you transfer to another account, the ID of the payee must be greater than 0, so we can't donate it by transfer, because the ID of the reserve fund account is 0, but we can donate it by another way: start a topic, set the amount of reward of the topic to 50 billion, when the topic expires (about a day), its balance will be transferred to the system's reserve account.

You can check this transaction by entering the following block hash in the block explorer's search box:
Block hash: AAAbQRmiQpwQn8fRF4DzAyyuozAoXo6yhgtkNhJjRP4=
Block height: 57680
Block explorer:

Q: What can I do to get ASK coin?
A: There are 3 ways to get it:
After registering the account, you can import the private key into the mobile app and receive a reward by answering questions from others.
Run the full node to mine and get the miner's earnings.
Buy ASK coin through an exchange or person-to-person transaction.

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